Boardinghaus Esslingen

Mettinger Strasse 127, 73728 Esslingen


  • 45 apartments (40 with one room and 5 with two rooms)
  • Short-term-rent between one and six months
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Bicycle parking
  • Parking area


  • Apartment sizes 16–44 m2
  • Furnished with desk, chair, sideboard, wardrobe, bed, nightstand, lamps, flatscreen-TV
  • Tiled floor
  • Kitchenette with microwave, fridge, stove, basin and tableware
  • Bathroom ensuite
  • Telephone- and TV-connection available


  • 470–1.270 €
  • Internet is not included in the rent

Public Transport

  • S1


  • University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Campus Kanalstrasse


  • Short-term-rent between one and six months
  • For reservations from January 2023, please use our online application and not the reservation form below. When applying online, select the location Esslingen, then Appartement and finally the residential complex "Rossneckar II / Boardinghaus Esslingen".
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Further Information

Boardinghaus Esslingen
Martin Wizemann
Facility Manager
+49 173 3123147

The janitor's office is located at Mettinger Straße 117.

Boardinghaus Esslingen
Martina Hansen
Service Manager
+ 49 711 203731-30
+49 177 9793116

Office address

Boardinghaus Esslingen
Mettinger Straße 127
73728 Esslingen
Nikol Niethammer
Boarding House
+49 711 203731-32
+49 711 203731-31

Office address

Boardinghaus Esslingen
Mettinger Strasse 127
73728 Esslingen

To use the internet connection, you can register at Selfnet e.V..